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According to 73% of senior marketers surveyed by the CMO Council, customer experience is critical to their own professional success and to the ongoing success of the business. Stay on top of best practices, resources and peer-powered best practices to stay ahead of the experience curve.


Program: Elevate What Consumers Appreciate

January 2017

Who Should Pay For Support Functions? - McKinsey & Company

January 2017

2017 predictions: Revenue from Aftermarket Service will Increase 20% by 2020 - Manufacturing Matters

November 2016

Auto Parts Marketing: Online Parts Sales to Reach $7.4 Billion in 2016 - Hedges & Company

November 2016

Managing the demand for spare parts - Implement Consulting Group

November 2016

Learning from Customer Defections - Harvard Business Review

October 2016

Online Retailers are Making it More Difficult and Expensive to Send Items Back as They Face Massive Losses Caused by 'Serial Returners' - The Daily Mail

September 2016

The Science of Five-Star Customer Reviews - The Huffington Post

July 2016

Aftermarket Services: Growth Opportunities for Businesses - Syncron

March 2016

The Agile Product Owner Responsibilities - Pichler Consulting

March 2016

The #1 Problem with Spare Parts Inventory Management - Spare Parts Know How

March 2016

Audi Ranks Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Dealer Service Among Luxury Brands; MINI Ranks Highest Among Mass Market Brands - J.D. Power

February 2016

Problems with parts… - Field Service News

December 2015

10 Advanced Technologies Shaping The Future of Manufacturing: Predictive Analytics Leads The Way - Forbes

July 2015

High Ranking Brands Differentiate with Key Performance Indicators to Drive Satisfaction - J.D. Power

July 2015

Aftermarket Services: The Path to Rapid Scale and Customer Service Excellence - Newport Board Group

March 2015

Customer Satisfaction Of Samsung Vs Lg Marketing Essay - UK Essays

July 2014

Taking Warranty Management from Chaos to Best Practices - Arc Advisory Group

June 2014

12 Companies That Brilliantly Differentiated Themselves From the Competition - HubSpot

February 2014

2014 Shaping to be Formative Year for U.S. Appliance Market - Reviewed

December 2012

Benchmarking the After-sales Service Experience - Loyalty Research Center

May 2011

Winning in the Aftermarket - Harvard Business Review