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In 2015 advertisers began switching serious percentages of their total media investment into channels such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. By the end of the third quarter of 2015, Facebook’s advertising revenue jumped 45% year on year to $4.3bn, while Twitter’s was up 60% to $513m.  *

In showcasing the people behind their brand and interacting with fans in a much more personable way, Purina saw a 100 times lift in mentions on Twitter, a response rate of 86 percent, over 5,500 personalized Tweets sent, and over 6.5 million personalized impressions.  *

By emitting emotion to an audience through video in a recent campaign, Coca-Cola garnered more than 18 million YouTube views, earned over $30 million in advertising and PR value through media exposure, became the second most viral ad worldwide in 2015 via Adweek, and earned a 35 percent engagement rate on Facebook and 33 percent engagement rate on Twitter.  *

29% of adults in developed markets trust what they hear about companies through social media more than information they see elsewhere, compared to 59% for emerging markets.  *